Welcome! We are glad you’re here.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our member locations to experience one of Kentucky’s signature industries: the equine life! From racetrack stars and cute babies to veterinarians and even a feed mill, we’ve got something for everyone. Welcome!

Not sure where to start? Take our online quiz and help us select a curated list of experiences just for you!

Family Friendly

Dynamic and engaging experiences that are great for guests of all ages.


These experiences will incorporate a tangible element – whether it’s a training demonstration, feeding a carrot, or other activity. 

Next Level Access

Go beyond the basics with next level access. These may include specialty or niche content exploring the equine industry like an insider.


Meet the horses you may recognize from the track. The content of these tours will focus primarily on stallions and the farm’s breeding program. 

Retired Racehorses

The horses you’ll meet at these locations are looking for new careers. You’ll see the work behind the scenes of retraining, caring for, and rehoming horses. 

Care & Feeding

Experiences dedicated to the medical, grooming, nutritional and rehabilitative care of horses. 


Experiences that include a ride on a shuttle to different parts of the property. Each shuttle experience is a little different, so be sure to read descriptions carefully about what to expect! 

Mamas & Young

Experiences with the focus on mares (mama horses) and young horses. Depending on the time of year, you may get to visit with foals, weanlings, or yearlings. These tend to be family friendly and interactive experiences.

Training & Track

Athletes in training! You may see horses training for racing or other equine sport, learn about training programs & philosophies, and what sets up an equine athlete for success. What does it take to go from rookie to MVP?

Horse 101

Something for everyone at these experiences. Learn the basics of equine care and sport and why this region is the  Horse Capital of the World. 

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