A list of the most frequently asked questions from our tour attendees.

How do I book tickets for a tour?

Know the location you’re planning to visit? Choose ‘Book Your Tour’ in the top navigation bar and use the search field to find your location to see date availability. Also within “Book Your Tour’ are other search filters. Follow the prompts to purchase your tickets. Be sure to choose your location, dates and times carefully! Tickets are non-transferable between locations, and requests for cancellation/refund must be made 48-business hours in advance of the tour. Business hours are considered Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5pm Eastern Time.

What is Horse Country’s cancellation policy?

Rescheduling tours (pending availability) or cancellations require notice of at least 48 business hours before the tour time. Business hours are considered Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5pm Eastern Time. Tickets for tours during peak tourism times (Kentucky Derby week, Breeders’ Cup week, etc) will be non-refundable. Cancellations are not available for weather or specific horses not being available. In case of a weather-related cancellation, a rain date will be offered. For guest no-show or late arrivals, refunds will not be issued. Tours are rain or shine.

The service fee is always non-refundable.
For information related to cancellations & bookings impacted by COVID-19, please see this page.

When should I arrive for my tour?

Please refer to your email order confirmation to see the instructions on when to arrive for your tour.

How much are tour experiences?

Tickets start at $20 per adult per tour and $11 per child (under 12 years old) per tour.

Is a tip or gratuity expected?

It’s never expected or required, but you are welcome to unless otherwise instructed by the guide.

May I walk up to a tour at its scheduled time without advance ticket purchase?

No. Every individual must be ticketed in advance. On-site/on-the-spot reservations are not currently available.  When you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation but we do not have paper tickets to present to the location.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for a baby/toddler?

Children ages 0-2 years old do not need a purchased ticket. However, for safety reasons, the infant/toddler will need to be carried or in a stroller for the duration of the tour.

Some Horse Country tours are better suited for children than others. Feel free to give the Horse Country office a call if you have questions about your group: [email protected] or 859-963-1004.

How long are the tours?

Most tours are approximately one hour, although some of our locations offer one hour and a half tours. Some tours last up to 2 hours.

The length of each experience will be noted in the tour description. Tours require walking/standing throughout the duration of the tour.

How do I find out about upcoming tour availability?

Subscribe to our email updates through our website to be automatically notified of new tour dates and promotional packages as they become available. Our subscribers are always given advanced notice of when tour tickets will go on sale to the public.

Is there a military/senior/student discount?

Retired or active members of the military may call our office to receive a 10% discount on reservations for experiences not categorized as “unique experiences.”
Seniors and students book their ticket types according to their age (kids 2-12, adults 13+).

Is there a bundling discount?

There is not at this time.

Where should I stay?

There are many wonderful places to stay here in Lexington. Please go towww.visitlex.com for information of accommodations available in the area.

Where should I eat?

There are many wonderful restaurants to check out here in Lexington. Please go to www.visitlex.com for information of restaurants in the area. You can also request a copy of Beyond Grits from VisitLEX – the locals love these unique picks.

Can we book a private tour?

We are happy to pass on special requests to the tour locations for approval on a case-by-case basis. You can “buy out” a full tour at a location with availability. Guides are also available to plan private/customized tour experiences. Please contact us at 859-963-1004 or at in[email protected] 

How long will it take me to get from one place to the other?

You can click on the tour location name through ‘Book a Tour’ or ‘Calendar’ and see the address of each tour location and then use Google Maps to look up directions in between the tour locations.
You can also use our map function to identify locations in proximity to a starting point of your choosing.
Please note that the tours run on a scheduled time and will not wait for attendees who arrive late to the tour.

Can I book more than one tour per day?

Yes. You can book as many tours as you would like as long as you are able to get yourself to your tour locations at the specified time of arrival.

What type of tour experiences are there?

Horse Country offers tours at 30 different locations that include stallion farms, nurseries with mares and foals only, veterinary clinics, aftercare facilities, a sport horse farm, a training track, and an equine feed mill!

Can I bring my dog?

Horse Country loves pets! However, for the safety and well being of all animals and humans, Horse Country guests are not permitted to bring personal pets to member locations during tours. The animals may not participate in a tour, nor may they remain in a vehicle on property during the duration of the tour.
The only exception to this policy is for trained service animals.

Can we arrive in an RV?

Parking can be limited at different tour locations so please be sure to contact Horse Country at 859-963-1004 to confirm if your preferred tour location can accommodate an RV.

Does Horse Country have gift certificates?

Horse Country has a gift certificate program. Gift certificates codes are delivered via email – there is no physical gift card/certificate. The certificates are one-time use only and can be used on all experiences in Horse Country. To purchase a gift certificate and learn more about it, see here.

What are the extra fees on my tickets?

A 15% fee is collected by Anyroad to cover service fees and credit card processing. This fee is not received by Horse Country and is not eligible for refund if a cancellation is requested.

Do I have to have paper tickets?

No! Our ticketing system will email you a confirmation of your order, but there are no physical/paper tickets to print or present at the time of the tour.

Your host location will have you on a list of confirmed guests according to your confirmed transaction. If you did not receive an email confirmation at the time of purchase, please reach out to us: 859-963-1004 or [email protected] to confirm the status of your reservation.

We need help with transportation / itinerary / want to work with a tour operator – who should we contact?

Please be sure to reach out to our team if you need recommendations/referrals to professional tour operators in the area. 859-963-1004 or [email protected]