Mamas & Young Horses

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While Kentucky horse farms may make you think of superstar race horses or track stars, many farms are known as nursery farms: where mares are cared for and foals are raised into weanlings and yearlings are prepared for racing, sales, or other jobs. Nursery farm tours are often rich with family history and tend to be boutique operations. Think of it as a craft bourbon distillery versus a big corporate distillery. Nursery farms take horses from elementary through middle school, preparing them for their college or vocational track.

One a nursery farm tour, you will learn about broodmares and breeding, and the life cycle of the horse. Depending on the time of year, the young horses may be foals (spring), weanlings (late summer), or approaching/entering yearling age (winter). Nursery farms tend to lend themselves to experiences that are suited for all ages, and can be fairly interactive.

In an effort to maintain safe practices, COVID-19 protocols are enacted for all Horse Country tours, so that you can experience Kentucky with peace of mind in safe, small groups.