Combo Tours in Horse Country: 2-in-1 Tickets

What’s better than one Horse Country tour?! A pre-planned itinerary for two of them!  Introducing Combo Tours for 2020 – kicking off with six pairings of our tours: Claiborne + Runnymede, Gainesway + Denali, Spendthrift + Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, Stonestreet + New Vocations, Hallway + Ky Equine Adoption Center, and Coolmore + Blackwood,
We’ve worked to pair these locations up for you and included suggestions for local restaurants to fill out your day. Each Combo Tour has their own availability and schedule – be sure and check out their individual listings, linked in the info below.

Claiborne and Runnymede

Begin your day visiting well-known stallions and Secretariat’s grave at historic Claiborne Farm, where the past meets the present in everyday life. Your afternoon tour at Runnymede Farm will allow you to get up close at a nursery farm, where horses are bred and raised at the oldest working thoroughbred farm in Kentucky. Info and booking about Claiborne + Runnymede Combo Tour here.
Select Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays in February, March, September.

Gainesway and Denali

Begin your day visiting mares and foals at Denali Stud, in Paris, a family-owned boutique nursery farm. Your afternoon tour will take you to visit the well-known stallions, unique barn architecture, and pristine landscaping at Gainesway Farm. Info and booking about Denali and Gainesway Combo Tour here. Wednesdays in May.

Spendthrift and Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

Begin your day visiting well-known stallions at historic Spendthrift Farm, home to OMAHA BEACH, MALIBU MOON, and others. Your next tour at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center will allow you to get up close at an aftercare facility, where retired thoroughbreds are retrained for new careers and adopted to their forever homes.  Info and booking about Spendthrift and Secretariat Center Combo Tour here. Select Thursdays in April & May.

Stonestreet and New Vocations

Begin your experience at Stonestreet’s nursery, where their broodmare band produces an average of 80 foals a year. Each foal represents an expression of their unwavering pursuit to cultivate champions. Guests will have the opportunity to see horses up close and personal as they walk through the barns and enjoy a short driving tour through the property on Stonestreet’s dedicated vehicle.

Next, you’ll visit New Vocations, the largest racehorse adoption program in the country serving more than 500 horses a year. Here you’ll learn about re-training retired racehorses and the unique work of aftercare in the industry.

This is a special pairing, as Stonestreet donates proceeds from their tour program to New Vocations to support their ongoing work in aftercare. Additionally, Stonestreet entrusts the future careers of their retirees that do not enter their breeding program to New Vocations. Info and booking for the Stonestreet and New Vocations Combo Tour is here. Fridays in April, May & June.

Hallway and KY Equine Adoption Center

Begin your day visiting family-owned Hallway Feeds, who has supplied the feed that has fueled most of racing’s greatest athletes of our time. From there, you’ll visit KY Equine Adoption Center, where you will see and learn just how important things like nutrition is to horses looking for a new home, at Kentucky’s only all-breed horse rescue. Info and booking on Hallway and KY Equine Adoption Center Combo Tour is here. Fridays in June, July, August.

Coolmore and Blackwood Stables

We’ve built the itinerary for you on Mondays in July, August, and October 2020– just enjoy a day in the Land of Legends! Begin your day visiting Blackwood Stables, an olympic-style training facility for the next generation of champions. In the afternoon, this reservation also gains you admittance to legendary breeding farm Coolmore America, whose stallion roster over the years has earned them the moniker Home of Champions. Info and booking for the Blackwood Stables and Coolmore Combo Tour is here. Mondays in July, August and October.