COVID-19 Updates

An update from Horse Country & Our Members

UPDATE 3/17: Missing tours and need a break from COVID content? Check out our FREE virtual tours here.

First, we want to thank you for coming to visit us, or considering coming to visit us. Horse Country is a small not for profit organization (if you’ve ever called, chances are you’ve spoken to me, Stephanie or Olivia), and we love that our work is connecting you to our wonderful member locations and their equine charges. 

We recognize, along with the world, this is a constantly evolving situation, with new information sometimes hourly. We’re doing our very best to keep up, make good decisions with our members and update impacted guests as quickly as possible. So, rest assured, if you have an impacted tour – you’ll hear from us. 

As we are a membership organization serving many unique locations, we represent the unique schedules and decisions of those individual places – they too are making their best decisions from day to day. Not everyone is making the same decisions, nor for the same period of time, nor on the same timeline (which is why you may have received more than one contact as cancellations cascade). 

We’re asking for your help during this time – if a tour is cancelled, or your travel is impacted, would you consider accepting a voucher for future travel? We know “future travel” is hard to consider right now, so we’re being flexible on the timing; but this will help us be ready to come back strong once things normalize. We also now have gift cards available for sale in case you might consider supporting us in that way for your future travel (available here).

With the postponement of the Kentucky Derby to September 5, we are working with members to ensure all booked guests are able to visit the location(s) of their original booking, on the same day or days of the Derby week. We’ll continue to update this page and our guests as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with questions – [email protected] or 859-963-1004.

Anne Hardy
Executive Director