Kentucky has an abundance of natural wonders – and Nicholasville is the perfect place to get outdoors and see some of the best that the Bluegrass has to offer! Check out our suggested itinerary for Nicholasville, including horse farm tours, local eateries and more.

Note: This itinerary is a suggestion only and is based on a sample of what tours may be available in Spring 2023. Each Horse Country tour requires that guests be ticketed in advance. Tickets are available for purchase at or by calling 859-963-1004. Though this info has been researched & is being shared in good faith, tour availability is subject to change.


May we suggest… a cup of coffee and a snack at Mono’s Coffee Crafters before your tour!

Kentucky Equine Adoption Center | 1:30 – 3 p.m.

The Kentucky Equine Adoption Center is home to approximately 50 horses of all breeds available for adoption in various stages of rehabilitation and retraining. The horses that come to the Adoption Center come from various past homes; however, the Adoption Center takes time to train and heal each horse in preparation for finding their forever home.

This tour is best for guests who wish to learn more about the rehabilitation and rehoming process while also getting a chance to be hands-on with the available horses. Click here to learn more about this tour and to make a booking! 

Be sure to check out… Springhouse Gardens, right down the road from the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center. Take a stroll through their 2 acre garden filled with native plants to the bluegrass and more unusual plants.

May we suggest… an early dinner at the local Homestretch Bar and Grill!


May we suggest…stopping at European Delights Bakery for fresh made pastries to start your morning off! Not a pastry person? Grab a cup of coffee at Coffee @ Oak & Main!

Taylor Made Farm | 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  

Taylor Made Farm is a 1,100-acre Thoroughbred farm that is best known for its commitment to becoming the world’s #1 thoroughbred source! This tour is best for guests who wish to learn more about the process of operating a leading Thoroughbred farm. The tour highlights stallions, mares, and foals at the farm.

Guests will begin at the stallion division to learn more about their champion stallions, and guests will also visit the mare and foal division to learn more about the foaling process! Click here to learn more about the farm and to book a tour!

May we suggest… head down the road to Copper River Grill for lunch.

Be sure to check out…  stopping by Talon Winery after your tour. Learn more about wine in the birthplace of Kentucky’s wine industry!

The Kentucky Equine Adoption Center

Taylor Made Farm