Denali Stud

Denali Stud is one of Kentucky’s leading thoroughbred nurseries, thanks to the dedication of the family who own and operate the farm. A brief history of the farm will be given, explaining how a boy from suburban New Jersey fell in love with horses, choosing the racetrack over college, and eventually bringing him to Kentucky. The tour will move to the foaling barn area to visit mares and their foals (in the spring and early summer, and just mares in the late summer, fall and winter). Visitors will learn about the care and management of broodmares and their babies and have the opportunity to pose for pictures and feed the mares peppermints. This part of the tour can be done by walking or driving, depending on the wishes of the guests. After ample time with the horses, the tour will move to the farm office to learn about the sales and see memorabilia from our many special horses, whether they were stars on the track or in the auction ring.

To learn more about Denali Stud, visit their website or check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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