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2004. Our humble beginning

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2009. We’re getting better

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2016. International Brand

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Elizabeth L. -Hallway Feeds
Very well personalized.
The tour was very personalized and the staff was super friendly!! I got to ask all the questions I wanted and had a great tour.
Henry S. -Mill Ridge
Hard not to fall in love.
I had a fantastic experience at Mill Ridge. The numerous stories told make guests feel they are a part of the farm family. It is hard not to fall in love once you encounter the horses.
Tina C. -Taylor Made
An experience we will never forget.
I had a group of 4 people for the tour at Taylor Made. Everyone was amazing, from the personnel that greeted us at the door; to those at Daddy Joe's; and our tour guide was outstanding. An experience we will never forget. Loved seeing Chrome up close and all the foals.
Chuck H. -Pin Oak Stud
Learned a lot!
Personal attention from tour guide. Got to see stallions & foals up close. Learned a lot about the history of the farm. The farm is beautiful and would recommend touring this farm when in Lexington, KY!
Julie S. -Godolphin at Jonabell
Must see for anyone!
I am so glad we visited Jonabell. The representative went into great details with how the breeding operation worked and we were able to see up close the stallions as well as the mares and foals. I especially appreciated how the rep took several of us over to the horse cemetery. Jonabell has to be seen to be appreciated and should be a must see for anyone wanting to tour horse stables in the Lexington area.
Diana P. -Coolmore
Breathtaking views, grounds, barns, and horses!
Hands down, this is the most beautiful horse farm I've ever seen (and I've toured many). By the time my husband and I completed our drive up the lane to the tour location, we were hooked! In addition to the breathtaking views, grounds, barns, and horses (with Pharaoh being the star attraction), our guide was also exceptionally gracious and knowledgable. It was honestly hard to leave!
Janice G. -Hagyard
Outstanding Medical Care
Our tour of the Hagyard Medical Institute was top notch. Our guide, Sarah, was informative, knowledgeable and engaging. I was very impressed with both the facility and the outstanding medical care given to our equines. We will definitely be back when we next visit KY.
Donna W. - Taylor Made
Beautiful Farm
Beautiful farm; tour was very entertaining and informative thanks to Carly; seeing California Chrome along with the other horses and babies was wonderful!
Matt P. -Stone Farm
Unique Personal Flavor
I was delighted to have Alex as a guide. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided such a unique personal flavor to our visit. This is a one of a kind tour that you will never forget. I want to thank Alex personally for a wonderful time!
Caroline C. -Stone Farm
Beautiful, First-Class Farm!
Wonderful tour of beautiful, first class horse and breeding farm! Definitely a must-see when in the area!"
Marcia S. -Mill Ridge
Delightful Experience
Jane was personable and knowledgeable, giving us a delightful hands-on experience feeding and petting beautiful mares and foals. Gorgeous farm with impressive history.
Marge T. - Coolmore
Learned so much!
Ben and I learned so much about horse breeding and how a stud farm actually runs... we were most impressed with the beautiful stallions, their living accommodations and how well cared for they are. Thank you for giving us a small glimpse into what you do at Ashford and into the lives of the horses. Our tour guide was most knowledgeable and answered every question. Again, thank you very much.